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Seattle hospitality industry hit hard by coronavirus

Seattle hotels are feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Seattle’s KOMO News.

Inslee faces criticism over his response to coronavirus outbreak

Governor Jay Inslee is the subject of criticism regarding how Washington State has handled the coronavirus outbreak, and how he’s responded to citizen concerns about the situation. The criticism comes after several events occurred.

Washington congressmen urge Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to act on CAR T-Cell therapy payment mechanism for FY 2021

Lawmakers from Washington joined their U.S. House of Representatives colleagues in urging the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to act and create a payment model for an immunotherapy treatment used to treat blood cancers, to avoid causing further accessibility issues for patients, and reimbursement problems for hospitals, which could also lead to accessibility issues for patients.

Washington seniors should be aware of risks involved with free tax preparation programs

Newport residents who seek tax preparation assistance may want to be aware of potential issues with the free preparation services that pop up this time of year.

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